Las Vegas Traders Expo Coming Up Nov 19 – 22

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The Traders Expo presents The All-Stars of Options Trading New York
Your Invitation to The Traders Expo Las Vegas
Jackie Ann Patterson Join me, Jackie Ann Patterson, at the ultimate educational event for active traders. With LIVE trading demonstrations, engaging instruction, and plenty of proven, practical trading strategies direct from elite experts in every market, all traders will acquire necessary tools to make a profound positive impact on their consistency, confidence, and bottom-line results. Please see my tentative speaking schedule below.

Swing Trader’s Guide to Trailing Stop Losses and Profit Targets
Saturday, November 22 | 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Which is worse: watching a profit turn to a loss or letting the big one get away? Both scenarios can create enough agony to force traders to either adapt or leave the game. Fortunately techniques such as trailing stop losses and profit targets can help structure exit strategies to optimize performance and minimize regret. Come to this session to examine trailing stop losses and profit targets, assess their usefulness in terms of both historical performance and psychological value, and formulate exit rules to help you succeed as a trader.
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Additional Presenters Include:
Tom Sosnoff Larry Williams John Bollinger Tom DeMark
…And More Than 40 Others!
Plus, Here Are 3 More Reasons to Attend
Test Drive the Latest Products for Traders

Demo new software packages and cutting-edge tools for traders inside the state-of-the-art Exhibit Hall, where you can also ask questions and receive exclusive discounts from representatives of today’s leading product and service providers.

Win Great Prizes and Take Your Shot at the $50,000 Grand Prize

Attend for your chance to win the hottest tech gadgets like iPad Mini tablets, all-new trading tools, gift cards for leading retailers, and even a $50,000 cash prize!

And, instantly receive a FREE REPORT, “Trade Like a Pro in 5 Simple Steps” just for registering!

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Find complete show details and register FREE by calling 800/970-4355 (mention priority code 036994) or visiting today!

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How to Download a Free Kindle Book

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Several clients asked how to download a free Kindle book during my promotion. You don’t even need a Kindle to do it. A PC, MAC, ipad, or smartphone will do.

Now until Monday 8/25/14 my book Truth About ETF Rotation – Fund Your Retirement by Investing in Top Exchange Traded Funds in One Hour Per Week (Beat The Crash Book 1) is offered free on Amazon. I will of course use it as the example.

Before you access the book, make sure you have a Kindle reader. If you don’t have a kindle, check out the free app for your PC, MAC, or ipad: – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Then follow the big red numbered steps in this screenshot:
How to Download A Free Kindle Book

1. Make sure you have the right book: Truth About ETF Rotation – Fund Your Retirement by Investing in Top Exchange Traded Funds in One Hour Per Week (Beat The Crash Book 1)

2. In the “Format” box, select Kindle Edition.

3. In the “Price” area, you should see $0.00 for a free promotion. (My promotion only lasts until 8/25/14 and then the price goes back to $9.99 so get on this right away!)

4. Set the “Deliver To” pull-down menu to your preferred device.

5. Click “Buy Now” button. Yes it says “Buy” but when the price is $0.00 the product is free.

6. Amazon will guide you through logging into your Amazon account, or creating one if you don’t have one.

7. Open your Kindle app, whether on a Kindle or another device, and your book should be there. (If not, try “Sync” on the menu).

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MACD Talk Online July 17

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Jackie Ann Patterson Join me, Jackie Ann Patterson, and 40+ world-class experts for what could be the single most important educational event this summer for active traders across all markets and time frames: the eTradingExpo, July 15-17. I will be speaking about:
Using Divergences to Spot Reversals
Thursday, July 17, 2014 | 3:40 pm – 4:40 pm EDT
Register NOW for the eTradingExpo

As part of this one-of-a-kind virtual event, the pros will be covering reliable, range-based strategies and short-term momentum techniques that are simply vital for trading amid widespread record-low volatility.

Tune in LIVE to discover:

  • Viable long and short set-ups in stocks, indices, futures, and more
  • Diverse option strategies that can achieve steady income and growth
  • Clearly stated methods that can mitigate risk and maximize gains

Armed with timely insights and proven methods direct from truly elite traders, all who attend the eTradingExpo can become better equipped to exploit the highest-quality set-ups, both this summer and in challenging market conditions, well into the future.

Plus…register for the eTradingExpo and receive a FREE report,
5 Ways to Improve Your Trading.
Register and join over 40 world class experts including:
John Bollinger


Harry Boxer
Carolyn Boroden


Ken Calhoun


Corey Rosenbloom


Anne-Marie Baiynd


Register NOW for the eTradingExpo
2 More Reasons no Trader Should Miss the eTradingExpo:

Visit the interactive Exhibit Hall
Take part in LIVE Q&A with experts and exhibitors, plus download free software demos, reports, eLetters, and much more!
Win prizes including a $500 grand prize!
Win iPad mini & Kindle Fire HD tablets, trading tools and resources seen throughout the show, and gift cards for top retailers.
Register NOW for the eTradingExpo
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How to Get a Kindle Reader

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If you want to read a book available on Kindle, such as my Truth About ETF Rotation e-book, you have several choices.

Of course you can just buy the top-of-the-line Kindle Fire HD.

Or, if you’re looking for a zero dollar option, because maybe you just want to check out an e-book that’s being offered Free on Kindle, you can:

Check out the full selection of FREE Kindle Reading Apps on Most Devices

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How to Invest in ETFs Using a Simple Rotation Strategy

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My focus for the past year has been backtesting ETF rotation strategies. At this point, I’ve published the backtesting on Amazon, recorded training videos, created a portfolio rotation simulator, and established a live account for forward testing. In this article, I want to give you a summary of how to invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) using a rotation strategy.

Individual investors, particularly with a self-directed IRA, can take advantage of rotation strategies without putting in 10,000 hours to become a professional trader. Professional money-managers can apply these principals too — if they’ve let go of the assumption that they need to spent a 40-hour work week on the market.

How to Invest

The key to investment success is: Buy Low and Sell High. Easier said than done, of course. What trips many investors up is the notion that they need to buy at the extreme low and sell at the extreme high. Not so. It is really only necessary to buy lower than one sells most of the time, and control losses the rest of the time, to come out with a profit.

Therefore the most important thing is to identify a good investment as it is moving up, because it is the upward movement that produces the profits. Relative strength is one proven metric for finding investments moving up. A simple way to quantify relative strength is Rate of Change (RoC) which is just the percentage gain over a certain time period.

Investors should expect difficulty so it is considered wise to diversify their holdings. Being ready to switch to better prospects also increases an investor’s chance of coming up with profits, as demonstrated by the backtesting results for ETF rotation compared to buy-and-hold of a diversified portfolio.

What is an ETF

An Exchange Traded Fund or ETF is similar to a mutual fund in that the ETF holds a variety of stocks and the ETF’s value changes as the underlying stock prices fluctuate. ETFs may invest in stocks, bonds, commodities and futures. Most ETFs go up when their holdings go up. Some ETFs, called inverse funds, are designed to increase in price when their underlying index goes down. This gives investors a straightforward means to hedge their bets and short the market.

ETFs tend to be passive investment vehicles like index funds. An index fund is an ETF or mutual fund that tracks an index, such as the S&P 500, by investing in the component stocks in the index. It turns out that this approach of following an index often comes out ahead of active management strategies that attempt to pick winning stocks.

ETFs also exist that invest in international stock indices, which is great because us individual investors have little hope of becoming global stock-picking experts.

A Simple ETF Rotation Strategy

The steps to creating a simple ETF rotation strategy come in two parts: the background work to set it up and the on-going execution of the strategy.

For set-up, one needs to decide:

  • Type of account: Tax-Deferred (preferred) or Taxable.
  • Broker.
  • Pool of investment candidates, in this case a selection of ETFs that track various global and domestic stock and bond indices.
  • Selection criteria, such as high percentage gain or RoC.
  • How far back to measure the RoC to catch the trend of rising ETFs. Make it too short and the system will lose money by thrashing among funds that happened to have a good day. Make it too long and you will only rotate in after most of the profits are gone.
  • Number of funds to hold at any one given time.
  • How often to rotate, as in daily, weekly, monthly, annually.
  • Under what conditions to stand aside.
  • How often to rebalance.

For the on-going operation of an ETF Rotation strategy, the steps are:

  • Wait for the rotation day and do nothing in between. This is important!
  • On rotation day:
    1. Check the RoC (percentage gain) of all the ETFs and single out the top performers with the best percentage gain.
    2. If you already own the top funds, do nothing,
    3. If one of your investments has fallen from the top, sell it and buy into highest performer that you don’t already own.
    4. Repeat.

More information

More information, parameter settings, and backtesting results are in my book: Truth About ETF Rotation: Fund Your Retirement By Investing In Top Exchange Traded Funds in One Hour Per Week (Volume 1).

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Brief on Backtesting of ETF Rotation

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About the middle of this video interview I give the results of some of my original backtests on ETFs:

Tailoring Your Sector Strategy

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ETF Rotation Interview

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ETF Interview of Jackie Ann Patterson from MoneyShow Las VegasClick Here to Watch Now

Attend the MoneyShow San Francisco — free! — to see my latest back test results of ETF Rotation strategies.

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ETF Rotation at a High Level

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As I’m preparing for the MoneyShow San Francisco, I want to share a few thoughts on ETF rotation:
Click here to read my high-level article on ETF Rotation

Beyond the high-level introduction, I am working on a detailed comparison of three strategies:

  • rotation to the ETFs with the strongest performance
  • a basic diversified portfolio
  • advanced portfolio management techniques

Should be interesting!

Attend the MoneyShow San Francisco — free! — to see my latest back test results of ETF Rotation strategies.

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Trading System Metrics Moneyshow Interview

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Winning Trading Systems Screenshot

The MoneyShow Network interviewed me about trading metrics — what to look for if you are starting from scratch or if you are buying a system. Click the graphic above to watch.

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Options BackTesting

May 4th, 2012 by jackieannpatterson | 1 Comment


Tim Bourquin of the Traders Expo interviewed me shortly after I had (manually) backtested several option trading strategies. Watch the video above to hear how it went.

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