ETF and Stock Index Analysis at SF MoneyShow – Webcast


Thursday, August 19

Gain insight into where CTIUS, the Cleantech Index™, is going via a live technical analysis of its component stocks. In this session, we identify the key movers out of the 78 stocks in the index, and examine each of the strong leaders and the worst of the laggards. This is your chance to learn a bottom-up method of analyzing an index. You will walk away with a potential buy/sell list plus ideas about where to set protective stop losses. Ultimately, we form an opinion of where the Cleantech Index™ is headed over the intermediate and long-term investing horizons.

3:20 pm – 4:05 pm PDT

Dear Fellow Investors,
With today’s unique market conditions, it is especially valuable to have expert guidance as you seek to grow your assets and position your portfolio strategically in this new era of investing.And it is with that in mind that I proudly invite you to tune in for this LIVE Webcast presentation, which promises to help you gain knowledge and critical insights that you’ll need to make smarter, more informed investment decisions throughout the coming months and beyond.

Viewing is free, so please click the link for more details and to register for this and other LIVE Webcast events, which will come to you from the upcoming MoneyShow San Francisco! I look forward to connecting with you!


Jackie Ann Patterson

Editor, BackTesting Report

Please make your arrangements today to join me and individual investors from around the world forLIVE Webcast events from The MoneyShow • San Francisco 2010—coming soon to!


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