Market Minute x 4

marketclubminutedude Catching up on guidance from a master trader in four quick minutes.  Click the links to watch the one-minute videos and get grounded with a solid approach to trading.



marketclubminute5 Lesson 5 encourages focus.

marketclubminute6Lesson 6 is my favorite. Click here to follow up with more information on how to get this step done right!

marketclubminute7Lesson 7 is a simple technique to keep the “odds in your favor”.

marketclubminute8Lesson 8 is arguably the most necessary ingredient to good trading.

Previously posted Market Minute lessons and commentary:

Lesson 4: Psyched up for the big trade? Don’t be!

Lesson 3: How About Doing What Works?

Lesson 2: What Time is Good for You?

Lesson 1: One Minute Towards Successful Trading

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