Traders Expo in New York City

The Traders Expo exhibit hall consumed two floors of the Marriot at Times Square and drew a large crowd. People were generally upbeat and eager to learn.

My main goals, besides presenting, were to connect with the key software vendors.  Here’s my notes:

Fidelity Wealth Lab — Fidelity always has a big presence and this show was no exception.  I want to assess the demand for a MACD Divergence detector in WealthLab.   Please leave a comment or email me directly if you want to use WealthLab to backtest MACD Divergences between the indicator and price.

Ninja Trader – also considering a port of my MACD Divergence Detectors to their platform because it is free.   Again, please contact me if this interests you.  At the Traders Expo, they gave a nice demo of their drag n drop interface for creating strategies, plus how to just write in C++.

TradeStation – their lounge is an awesome place to get questions answered, even sit down with a programmer.  In particular, I went there to learn more about concurrency in version 9.0 and how it affects my MACD divegence scans.

Worden – they are now demo’ing new tc2000 which is a combination of TeleChart, StockFinder, and  Will need to brush up on PCF and be ready to port once they add the  language constructs necessary to detect MACD divergences there.  Meanwhile, StockFinder from Worden runs my divergence detectors.

What’s New:  CurrenSee – a fleet of 100 currency traders and software to let you allocate percentages of your account to trade with your favorite traders.

Best Give-Aways:  CitiFX giving hardback copies of New Market Wizards book for filling out a 5 question survey.  The iPad remains the big drawing prize of choice and many vendors give their own product as a prize.  The drawing prize in my session was a copy of  The Truth About MACD video series.

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