MACD Divergence Add-ins for StockFinder

The easy way to find MACD Divergences and MACDH Divergences is here!  

Modern charting tools like StockFinder® allow you to create custom scans of the market for opportunities.   BackTesting Report software takes the hard work and guessing out of it by bringing you ready-made, fully tested scans for powerful technical indicators such as MACD Divergence.

BackTesting Report offers software modules for popular charting tools to help you:

  • save time by scanning for signals like the MACD Divergence
  • make it easy to see signals with clearly marked charts
  • deepen understanding by visualizing the strategies in action
  • gain confidence by forward-testing the strategies
  • customize strategies to suit your personal needs

Although the software modules were back-tested on stocks, they can be used on any symbol for which you have data in StockFinder including stocks, ETFs, industry groups, indices, and more. Likewise, although BackTesting Report uses end-of-day data, you can change the timescale to apply to weekly or intra-day data. The strategies come with parameter settings from Backtesting Report and its easy for you to change these to suit your personal needs.

Whether you use the back-tested settings or customize your own, BackTesting Report cannot be responsible for the results of any trades you choose to take.  The purpose of this code (and the BackTesting Report itself) is to help you learn what you need to know to decide for yourself how you will trade. They are not recommended as purely mechanical systems.

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The StockFinder add-in modules include chart layouts which implement the trading strategy and highlight the signals for you. RealCode® is included as needed to get the job done. The charts typically show price bars with the main strategy (e.g. MACD Divergences) along with volume and an ATR calculation. The strategies are all set up in the StockFinder scanner and waiting to show you the next opportunities in the market.

StockFinder is sold separately.

Take Advantage of this Software to Gain an Edge in the Market Today

MACD Divergences – $147. Saves you hours of searching for the powerful but elusive MACD/H positive divergences by scanning your symbol watch list for divergences at the right edge of the chart. Also highlights historical MACD/H divergences on the price chart and calculates a fixed ATR stop for you.

Plus get these two bonus modules free!

macd_basic_stockfinder_box_smMACD Basic Buy and Sell Signals  StockFinder Layout highlights basic signals on MACD lines and histogram signals. Signals appear as colored-coded bars on the chart and the blazingly fast StockFinder scanner flags buying opportunities shown by a selection of the backtested strategies.

Missing Link (EMA Crossover)   Implements a long strategy using the 12- and 26-bar exponential moving average crossovers. This also corresponds to the MACD line crossing its zero axis — hence it is also called Missing Link.


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