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1. Free ETF Rotation Spreadhseet Visit to sign up for a free spreadsheet that ranks ETFs for rotation. While you are there, find out about the ETF Rotation strategy I am trading in my IRA.


2. Free Video Reveals BackTesting Results for MACD Visit to learn what worked, what didn’t work, and how to avoid mistakes even experts make with the MACD. 


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5. Watch Free Workshops at Money Show and Traders Expo

MoneyShow Las Vegas 2014

Advanced Care Directive for Trading Account


ETF Rotation

Las Vegas Traders Expo 2013

Finding Market Turns

MoneyShow Video Network Interviews from San Francisco:

Indicators I Watch Video

How to Calculate Total Return Video

Sector Rotation with ETFs – rehearsal

Nine Essentials of Market Analysis – rehearsal

MoneyShow Las Vegas 2012

MoneyShow Video Network Interviews from Las Vegas:

ETF Rotation Interview Video or Transcript

Tailoring Your Sector Strategy or Transcript

Traders Expo Las Vegas 2011 Logo

MoneyShow Video Network Interviews from Las Vegas:

How to Spot a Winning Trading System Video or Transcript

Get an Edge with Manual Backtesting Video or Transcript

Backtesting for Options Traders Video or Transcript

MoneyShow San Francisco

Watch Encore of Weekend Trading Prep

MoneyShow Video Network Interviews from San Francisco:

4 Signs of a Buying Opportunity – Missing

The 3 Biggest Investing Mistakes or Transcript

Be There When the Market Changes – Missing

Dallas Traders Expo 2011

MoneyShow Video Network Interviews from Dallas:

4 Things Every Trader Should Watch Video or Transcript

Gauging the Sentiment of Traders Video or Transcript

Yield Spreads: Why Traders Should Care Video or Transcript

Traders Expo New York

MoneyShow Video Network Interviews from NYC:

3 Tips for Using the MACD Video or Transcript

Finding New Trading Approaches Video or Transcript

Trend vs. Reversal Trading Video or Transcript

traders expo los angeles 2010

Exit Strategies for Swing Traders

Video Interviews:

Managing Your Exits Video
Good Stops Hit First Video

Gaining an Edge with Backtesting Video

moneyshow las vegas 2010

Truth About MACD

Exit Strategies



MoneyShow Video Network Interviews:

Different Signals for Different Time Frames Video

Intro to Backtesting Indicators Video

Understanding the MAE Video


3 Replies to “Free”

  1. Hi Jackie:

    Was impressed with the positive comments you received from a wide spectrum of traders.

    I do not have tradestation or stockfinder. I use Vectorvest which has a very powerful graphing and technical analysis.

    Would be interested in subscribing to a service that would “trade” the QQQQ using your S/W. Then I could pick stocks that the vectorvest technical analysis deems to be strong. Sort of the best of both worlds.

    If you have backtested results for the QQQQ please send it to me. Would like to evaluate the trades.


  2. Jackie
    I just read you book Truth about ETF rotation;how do I have access to the 140 day ETF listing that you mention to identify for best ETF selection every week/month.
    Thank you

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