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Exit Strategy BackTesting Reports

Moving Average Buy Signal Set of BackTesting Reports

MACD Divergence Detector Software and Reports Package

Add-in modules for popular charting tools detect MACD Divergences to help you save time by scanning for these powerful signals, make it easy to see signals and visualize the strategies in action, gain confidence by forward-testing the strategies, customize strategies to suit your personal needs. Package includes MACD Divergence Detectors, MACD Basic Signal Detectors, and The Truth About MACD set of four BackTesting Reports. TradeStation® and StockFinder® sold separately. [read more]

Order MACD Divergence Detectors and Reports for StockFinder® – $249

Order MACD Divergence Detectors and Reports for TradeStation® – $249

Market Status TradeStation Workspace

Order Market Status Workspaces and Easy Language – $29 As seen at the MoneyShow and Traders Expo. This package includes 7 workspaces for keeping tabs on the market plus Easy Language to implement the McClellan Summation Index and the McClellan Oscillator. Important! To get the most of this package, you also need these items which are sold separately:

[read more]

Divergence Alerts

Find divergences the same day they occur across the whole stock market without spending the effort and compute resources required to scan for them. Learn what keeping count of divergences can tell you about market health. Gold level includes end-of-day alerts of divergences on daily and weekly charts of US Stocks, ETFs and Sectors. Platinum includes all the gold benefits plus intra-day (60 min ) alerts, a market status video each month by Jackie Ann Patterson. [learn more]

Truth About MACD Video Series

MACD explained in 10 videos covering how to use and interpret the MACD. Watch over the shoulder of BackTesting Report editor Jackie Ann Patterson to see charts and graphs as she goes through all the topics from the reports and more! Electronic delivery lets you watch right from your PC. Includes an electronic copy of Truth About MACD CD-ROM.

Truth About MACD CD-ROM

30 minute audio presentation of the top lessons learned about MACD by BackTesting. Also includes bonus software called the Missing Link that plugs into StockFinder or TradeStation to help you spot MACD zero crossings. An electronic copy of this CD-ROM is included with The Truth About MACD Video Series above.

YES! Send me my TruthAboutMACD disc!  I understand that I pay only $7 to take advantage of this fabulous offer.   

I also receive a 14-day free trial of the TruthAboutMACD Video Series.  I get the first two lessons free, one immediately and another 7 days from now. With the TruthAboutMACD video series, each week I’ll receive another in-depth module on a specific facet of the MACD at a cost of $36 per month.  The videos series includes a total of 10 modules at a total cost of $72, after getting the first two free when I order today. 

The videos are only available online. The CD-ROM comes as a physical disc for US addresses and electronic download, too.   Non-US orders receive electronic download only of the CD-ROM instead of waiting for the physical disc to arrive by mail.

I understand that I may cancel any time by sending email to support@backtestingreport.comand keep the disc and any video lessons received.

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