Swing Traders Guide to Stop Losses

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Hard Questions

Arguably the toughest issues for swing traders involve stop loss placement. How many times have you set your stop too close and been taken out before the big move? Or too far and given back too much profit? If you’re like most traders — even professional traders — you’ve probably experienced both scenarios far too many times.  Yet, you probably also know that limiting your losses is of supreme importance.   Mastering stops is a critical skill.

The key questions are:

  1. How far to set stop losses?
  2. To Trail or not to Trail?
  3. To take profits at the channel or let winners run?

How to Get Answers

One method of answering your questions about stop losses and other trading quandries is back testing. Back testing is the automated check of a trading strategy’s historical performance. It’s not perfect but it can add a dose of sanity to over-hyped strategies and classes. Most traders know they ought to back test but don’t do it because it’s a colossal pain. BackTesting Report offers you an easy way to get the data you need to make better decisions about stop loss placement.

trailingstopsforswingtraderscoverTrailing Stops for Swing Traders BackTesting Report – $47

Research report shows how various trailing stop loss strategies compare: dollar stops, percentage stops, and Average True Range (ATR) stops. Each type of stop is applied to long trade and trailed behind price. The trade exits when the price drops to meet the most recent stop value. This report helps you decide where trailing stops can fit in your strategy and what type might best meet your needs.

ATR Trailing Stops Example
ATR Trailing Stops Example

Bonus Reports

When you order today, you also get these in-depth research reports, valued at $47 each, included at no extra charge! They can help you learn about the usage and historical performance of various types of exits that go with any trading strategy such as fixed stop losses and profit targets.

profit_targets_btr11coverTaking Profits in Trading Channels BackTesting Report – Free Bonus!

Learn how setting profit targets can help your trading and give a means to exit on strength. This report gives you the data to decide, as a swing trader, if setting profit targets is right for you. Read this report to understand how win rate, expectancy, opportunity, and ultimately profitability was affected by the choice of trading channel targets.

Example of Profit Target in a Keltner Channel
Example of Profit Target in a Keltner Channel

btr115_bonus_trailingstopsonprofits_coverTrailing Stops After Profits BackTesting Report – Free Bonus!

Many traders wait until they have some profits in a trade before trailing a stop. That’s what’s tested in this bonus report. MA Channels and MACD divergences provide the entry signals.  The typical profitable exit signal for each strategy serves as the departure point for trailing a stop.  This report shows you the historical performance of letting winners continue to run using trailing stops.

Learning more about setting stops gives you:

  1. More consistency
  2. Better peace of mind
  3. Less second-guessing, regardless of what the market-makers do
  4. Potential for increased win rates
  5. Potential to increase profits by letting winners run

BackTesting Report makes effective use of your time by presenting relevant info in a visually intuitive way with ample charts and graphs. While the future probably won’t unfold the same as it did in the past, this report’s thorough analysis of past data is designed to give you insight to decide how you can make stop losses and profit targets work for you.

You leverage the statistical significance of a super-sized test set with

  • 7,147 US stock market symbols
  • a 14-year period (1994 – 2008)

Plus, BackTesting Report practically pays for itself Compare a report’s price to how much you risk on each trade, and you might conclude that you owe it to yourself to read these BackTesting Reports.

What Other Traders Say About BackTesting Report

“Hi Jackie, I thought [BackTesting Report] was well written, well organized, logical, insightful, well researched and the clear graphics helped to make it easy to understand your major points.”
Chuck LeBeau, Director of Research at Smartstops.net, author of the classic text Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets and founder of www.traderclub.com

BackTesting Report is protected by an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, just email to get a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase.


When you order now, for one low price of $47 you receive:

  • Electronic BackTesting Report with in-depth research on trailing stops
  • Bonus report on setting profit targets
  • Bonus report on trailing stops after profits

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