How to Align MACD Zero Lines in StockFinder

In a previous post, I lamented the way StockFinder by default gives a non-standard plot of the MACD indicator and the MACD Histogram.  To fix it, you need to do two things.   The first is to set all the moving averages, even within the MACD, to Exponential.  That’s quick and easy.    The second is to get the MACD lines and the MACD Histogram aligned in one pane.  That is a little trickier.

This article explains how to get both MACD lines and histogram plotted in a pane with the same zero axis.   The steps are:

1. Select the MACD as shown (click for bigger image)


2. Right-click to bring up menu as shown  (click for bigger image)


3.  Select “Edit Plot” on the StockFinder dialog box (click for bigger image)


4.  Center  (click for bigger image)


5. Repeat for MACD histogram indicator in same StockFinder pane


While you are in there, don’t forget to change the default Moving Average types in the MACDH plot from Simple to Exponential.   See the Stockfinder’s Quirky MACD post  for more info.

Or you can just use the BackTesting Report add-in software for StockFinder , newly updated to plot the zero lines correctly.

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