“Hi Jackie, I thought [BackTesting Report] was well written, well organized, logical, insightful, well researched and the clear graphics helped to make it easy to understand your major points.”
Chuck LeBeau, Director of Research at, author of the classic text Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets and founder of

“Jackie, You do seem to have come pretty much to the same conclusions that our research staff has. Most of what you see [in other publications] regarding MACD was arrived at before 1990 by which time I was already advising audiences at my lectures not to await crossings.”
Gerald Appel, MACD inventor, President of Signalert Corp asset management firm and author of Technical Analysis: Power Tools for Active Investors


Jackie – I have a great deal of respect for you. You were a good stock picker. [Backtesting Report] looks very nice!”
Dr. Alexander Elder, trader, teacher of traders and best-selling author of Trading For A Living,Come Into My Trading Room, Entries and Exits, Sell and Sell Short


“Very nice work.  This type of data I can sink my teeth into…and help my [coaching] clients incorporate into their trading.”
Kerry Lovvorn, Professional Trader and Trader’s Coach, Co-Director of SpikeTrade


“I am very impressed with the thoroughness of this tremendous volume of high quality work.   Before trading a system, you should get an idea of its win percentage and expected return so the risk parameters can be set appropriately and conservatively.  I really liked [BackTesting Report’s] baseline approach which gives you an idea of what that particular market and period favored so one isn’t lulled into trading a mediocre strategy because the testing was done in a perfectly matched period.  I look forward to seeing your next pass.”
—  Jeff Parker, Private Trader, Spiker, and President, Parker Industries


“Very professional!”
Justin Michie, Author, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur


“Very nice job with the site!”
John Wilder, Wellington, NV


“Jackie, [BackTesting Report] looks great.   Well laid out, simple to understand, clear graphics, emphasis on using the info to make trading decisions.  I especially like the emphasis on expectancy…good job! I’m sure the info would speed up the system development/selection process and I’d recommend it for that reason alone…just not sure the people most likely to benefit understand that as their big challenge.”
Deb Winters, Private Trader, Spiker, Business Owner


“The reports are well written, easy to understand and nicely laid out.”
David McClellan, Software Engineer, Private Trader


“I enjoyed your well thought out articles. There sure is a lot of mis- and dis-information out there. The typical neophyte will try every strategy he or she comes across to see what really works.   It’s good that you’ve taken the trouble to wade through and evaluate it in a meaningful and comprehensive manner. You’ve taken the legwork and, more importantly, the guesswork out of the process.”
Gary Winters, Electrical Engineer, Private Trader, Driving Force at


I am a perfectionist and appreciate your research regarding the statistical probabilities on common variables, e.g., MA and MACD…..thanks for your services” – Merrill, 15 year trader and still learning


Thanks again Jackie for your quick and expert advice.
Pro Trader Joe, CA


The Truth About MACD BackTesting Reports are amazing, very well notated and extensively hyperlinked.”
Ashok Rathod, New Jersey


“I have started using the [BackTesting Report MACD divergence] software on Stockfinder and am very impressed with it. Your research and software has taken my scanning ability to a much higher level and I am now able to find the divergence setups that I prefer much faster and more effectively. ” – Graham Corbishley, Private Trader, New Zealand


Your [MACD Divergence] strategy has a lot of logic to it. That is some impressive work.. [I found in it] a TradeStation nugget probably gained from a lot of time spent with TradeStation strategies.” – Mike Trader, Pro Trader and Software Developer,


“Jackie, Your work is very impressive.  This is the kind of information that traders truly need. Research is always difficult, requires much effort.  Your work is academic, unique.  And, your website is terrific. Thank you very much.” –  Ross Prout, DDS, Retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Encino CA


“Jackie, I am enjoying your research. I really am glad to have found your web site, your research [is] invaluable.” — Lee Troupe, Lakeland, FL


“I really liked Video #1. It worked fine here in Portugal.  I never really understood MACD.  You helped a lot in Video #1.” – George Lebecki, Private Trader


“This is great research and presentations…The MACD order of events in Video 1 was a real eye opener…I will gladly recommend your educational course to serious traders. This is the real thing – honest sharing of information not found anywhere else.” – Russ Koester, Retired Engineer and Private Trader


“Wow……your Divergence website is intense! […] You sure have taken the concept of divergence to a whole ‘nother level. […]  Bottom line is I’m learning new stuff and reinforcing some old stuff.”  – Kevin Huley, Private Trader


“I just want to thank you for the MACD work you have done. I am really enjoying the videos. This is most helpful for me. […] You did an outstanding job on this series. You push me to do more backtesting on what I am trading.I picked up a number of things on the MACD from your work. I really like your graphics too with the winter spring and autumn. LOL”
Pauly Berndt, Minneapolis


“Read your Backtesting report. You do good work. I have been very much involved with Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and researching different philosophies for investing. Backtesting is part of my analysis. Keep up the good work. ” – Herb J


“I enjoyed watching the videos, and feel much more comfortable using the MACD in the future.
The videos were presented professionally and clearly.” – Assaf Cohen


[Your videos] are very clear in explanation and what I am happy about is the principles of backtesting looking at the three periods over the last two decades.”
Dr Sajjad Mughal,Birmingham in UK


“Thanks for prompt response. Your videos are getting more interesting. Can’t wait for the next one.”
Stephenie LOH, a qualified Accountant from Singapore


“You continue to “WOW” me with the work that you have put into the research and the results of said research. I have yet to find anyone that whose work can compare and anyone whose willingness to share has come so easily.
Kendall B,Liberty, SC


I found Jackie’s video explanation of the MACD to be excellent and  I would recommend it to any person wishing to delve into the secrets of the MACD and really understand how it works.”
Elizabeth Macnish, The EC Method, Australia


These were some of the comments I’ve received on BackTesting Report. These comments may not be representative of the experience of other customers or clients but behind each comment is a real person who had a real experience.   They’ve got all kinds of different backgrounds – from seasoned market professional to new investor and many points in between.   Some comments are based on free review copies and others are from paying customers.   I have been a customer myself of some of the businesses represented above.    I want to say “Thank You” to everyone who commented, and especially thanks for all your constructive suggestions. BackTesting Report is much better for your feedback.


Please feel free to add a comment on this blog or email me at jackiep [at] backtestingreport [dot] com – I value your feedback.

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  1. Jackie: Again, for the second time: I would like to just order your entire set of reports on MACD without taking the weeks of time to review each separately and pay separately. Why can’t I just pay one time and get the whole series at once?

  2. Ok, got it!
    You can get all four MACD Reports and the 10 videos from this one link.
    Click Here to Order Now!
    Paypal will re-direct you to a download page for all videos and I will follow-up with email links to the reports.
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