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Exit Strategies and MACD at MoneyShow Las Vegas Workshops

April 9, 2010 | By jackieannpatterson | No Comments | Filed in: Classes.

Please join me at the Las Vegas Money Show, Tuesday May 11, 2010. You can learn the past performance of key buy/sell strategies in my two sessions:  07:45 AM – 08:30 AM   Exit Strategies for Active Investors Here we focus on SELL strategies including stop losses, profit targets, MACD negative divergences and more.  I’ll present highlights from the • Read More »

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MACD Divergence Signals Follow-Up

January 31, 2010 | By jackieannpatterson | No Comments | Filed in: MACD.

Last weekend’s post highlighted three stocks from the negative MACD Divergence scanners: AAPL, BIDU, SBUX.  Disclosure: I am now short all three as I write today.   All three shorts are sporting open profits.   Being 3 for 3 is much better than the odds suggested by backtesting MACD/H negative divergences.   Having just recorded a video about shorting on MACD divergences for The Truth • Read More »

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Today’s Analysis – Example Using MACD Div Signals Pages

January 24, 2010 | By JackieAnnPatterson | 3 Comments | Filed in: MACD, Strategy Development.

I’m posting my weekend market analysis today for two reasons:  to illustrate how I use the MACD divergence signals because it looks like something interesting may be afoot Step 1 – Form an overall opinion of the market direction I use several indicators, factors, and experts to form my overall opinion of the markets.   Some methods I’ve • Read More »

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Negative Divergences Abound

November 30, 2009 | By jackieannpatterson | No Comments | Filed in: Exit Strategies.

Since its not always easier keeping up with the market over a long holiday weekend, I thought to share my weekly “homework”. Plenty of interesting red flags from my MACD Divergence Detector running on StockFinder®.   It found MACD and MACDH negative divergences on SPY, DIA, ISRG, BIDU to name a few.    Looking at the chart of SPY • Read More »

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MACD Divergence

November 12, 2009 | By jackieannpatterson | No Comments | Filed in: MACD.

MACD Divergence typically means a divergence between the MACD technical indicator and price.   The name MACD divergence is a little confusing and new traders are inevitably unclear about the definition of a MACD divergence or, most importantly, how to recognize one.  Once identified, the next question is how long after the MACD divergence signal does it remain a consideration in the analysis of price action.   • Read More »

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Traders Expo Invitation Nov 19

October 28, 2009 | By jackieannpatterson | No Comments | Filed in: Classes.

Dear Trader, Trading global markets has changed dramatically since the market meltdown last year. To profit today, it is imperative that you learn expert tactics to become more consistently profitable. And the place to do this is at The Traders Expo Las Vegas, November 18-21, 2009 at The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Attend and • Read More »

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MACD Divergences on SPY Since 2001

September 17, 2009 | By JackieAnnPatterson | 5 Comments | Filed in: MACD, Technical Strategies.

People at the MoneyShow and elsewhere ask me, “why MACD?” The short answer is that seeing how MACD Divergences pointed out some very good times to buy stocks and ETFs motivated me to want to use MACD.  So I learned the basics, made some good trades and a little money.   It wasn’t all roses however and taking • Read More »

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