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StockFinder’s Quirky MACD and MACD Histogram

May 3, 2009 | By jackieannpatterson | 2 Comments | Filed in: MACD, Outside Products Reviewed.

StockFinder® may be my new favorite tool, but its not without quirks. While creating custom indicators, scans and layouts for BackTesting Report subscribers, I came across its shortcomings with the MACD.   The screenshot above shows a StockFinder layout with 2 MACD of different parameter settings.  The candlesticks on the price chart are color-coded green for • Read More »

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MACD on BestFreeCharts

May 2, 2009 | By jackieannpatterson | No Comments | Filed in: MACD, Outside Products Reviewed.

July 13, 2009: is renamed to and this post has been updated accordingly. makes nifty charts like StockFinder. Click here for a quick little set of instructions for plotting the MACD and MACD Histogram on Overall, I found very straightforward to use.   It is limited to the basic charting but offers real-time data • Read More »

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My BackTesting Engine Evaluation in 2007

April 9, 2009 | By JackieAnnPatterson | No Comments | Filed in: Backtesting Set Up.

Before starting the current round of major backtesting, I evaluated several tools to decide which to use.    This article shares the highlights of that endeavor and the main reasons for the outcome. TradeStation was my incumbent.  By 2007 when I made my last evaluation, I’d had a couple years of experience with it as a charting tool and a backtesting • Read More »

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