Exit Strategies and MACD at MoneyShow Las Vegas Workshops

moneyshow las vegas 2010

Please join me at the Las Vegas Money Show, Tuesday May 11, 2010.

You can learn the past performance of key buy/sell strategies in my two sessions: 
07:45 AM – 08:30 AM   Exit Strategies for Active Investors
Here we focus on SELL strategies including stop losses, profit targets, MACD negative divergences and more.  I’ll present highlights from the Exit Strategies reports which are not recorded anywhere outside this $100 series of reports.  This session is geared towards active investors who like to hold for weeks, months or even years but do plan on selling  stocks someday and want to leverage technical trading skills to pick a good time to get out.   The real bonus for attending live is real-time analysis.   Please bring the tickers of any stocks you are considering selling so we can check exits for them in the session.
02:15 PM – 03:00 PM    The Truth About MACD
Highlights from the Truth About MACD series, focusing on BUY signals.  We’ll cover important patterns such as the MACD divergence.    Audience participation is welcome as we check the end-of-day charts for your stocks.
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Golden Braid Analogy to Investing

img_1769I want to tell you the story of the Golden Braid because its a great analogy to active investing. 

In the beginning, its very awkward to grow out your hair.  Likewise, with a stock or other investment, a new position can feel awkward.   We check it often, and sometimes find its not looking as we want — maybe going entirely the wrong way.    After awhile, if neither the stock nor the hair has disintegrated, we can get comfortable.

In the middle phase, to grow a long braid, one has to do nothing.    Sounds easy but funny it doesn’t come very naturally for most of us!  With hair, everyone from friends to stylists – and stylists are the worst! – suggests a shorter cut or wonders aloud about the upkeep.   

Likewise, in the middle phase of growing a big investment position, if its moving the right way, you have to sit on your hands and skip many opportunities to sell.   Neither hair nor position can grow to its full potential if you keep messing with it.

Nothing grows forever.  We have to remain alert for a change of character and eventually make the hard decisions.   My blonde hair darkened.  Okay, I could deal with that.  Faced with gray wisps coming in, I had a choice:  Hang on and watch the gold slowly whittled away or lop the braid while it was still useful (undyed hair is made into wigs for kids on chemo.  see before and after pics of my “harvest”.)

Similarly, a change in character of the markets begs a decision whether to let the downdrafts slowly erode positions, or get out while the getting is still good.