Sector Rotation Research Published

You might want to check out my latest research on sector rotation:

Fidelity Investments commissioned me for the Viewpoint article and it turned out quite good in terms of decent return with limited overhead and risk.

Even better, after the article was published, I improved on the strategies to get higher performance and more consistency.

I’m continuing to research to flesh out a complete trading strategy which I plan to discuss at the MoneyShow Las Vegas:

Thursday, May 17 • 7:45 am – 8:30 am
Sector Rotation with ETFs and Stocks

Compare performance of various rotation strategies, applied to sector exchange traded funds (ETFs), style ETFs, and stocks. Focus on simple strategies for staying invested in the top ETFs as well as strategies for identifying beaten-down areas to buy low. Experiment with a long/short portfolio. Learn how the strategies rated based on Fidelitys Wealth-Lab Pro® portfolio simulation of the last decade in the stock market. Find out which sector ETFs are leading with momentum today and which may present value opportunities.

(Wealth Lab Pro is a registered trademark of FMR, LLC)

I hope you can make it to Las Vegas and I’ll keep you posted on the new strategy as it develops.

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